Walk in Love

"Walk in love, just as Christ loved you and gave himself up for us." Ehp 5:2a (nas)

The girls and I have been memorizing this verse this week - Their sweet and tiny voices repeating after me those words - I can't get it out of my head.
"Walk in love" or as the (niv) says "live a life of love"

What does this look like? How do I walk though life in love?
As I've mulled it over, as I've looked at my day though the filter of this verse I've come to believe the answer is Jesus. It's the second part - "just as Christ".....

But what about when the girls are pretending to be deaf and not obeying anything I ask them to do?
What about those times when they can't seem to say anything in a respectful way?
But not when they are jumping on the bed and playing at bedtime when it's MY turn to have a break - right?
Walk in love - just like Jesus.....

What about when people misunderstand me, and judge me wrongly?
What about when my "rights" are trampled on?
What about when no one cares about me or what I think?
Walk in love - just like Jesus....

There are so many days when I'm so tired , I just don't have the energy to be sweet - or smile - or help my neighbor with her troubles.
I don't want to answer the phone.
Isn't it okay for me to let the girls watch TV all day, I just need some time to myself.
Am I the only one who can do things around here?
Walk in love - just like Jesus...

There is another man on the corner with a sign - why doesn't he just get a job.
Oh, those poor people they have nothing - someone should help them.
You don't understand - I don't have anything to give. I'm just one person, I'm not what they need.
Walk in Love - just like Jesus...

I'm just so busy
My house is a mess
I have so much laundry to do
Bills to take care of
groceries to shop for
-I don't have time -
Walk in Love - just like Jesus...

So many times Jesus could have used these very excuses, but what did He do?
He gave himself up for us, not just at the cross (although that was the perfect example of love) He gave himself up in the every day moments of his life.
When He was tired - he had compassion on those in need
When he had nothing - He gave anyway
When he was busy - He took time for little children
When he saw a need - He helped
He took time for himself, but it was always to rejuvenate himself to serve by resting and talking to His Father.
He was one man, and he was everything we needed.

So many times during the day I tell my girls "love each other", "talk with kind words", "Share with your sister", "Obey, because I love you and want what is best for you"
It's time I took my own words to heart. The small things really do matter, there is no "free time" in a life of love. And this is what I am called to - a life that is lived in love.
Through Christ and His power making strong my weaknesses, because He who calls will also equip.
IF I let him....... It's my choice.


Linda said...

Thank you for this great reminder, Melissa. Beautifully spoken...just like Jesus!

Aunt Laurie said...

Melissa, This is so basic, but hard to do in our own power. Thank you for reminding me it through Christ that I am able to love in all circumstances. And thank you for sharing this on a daily bases with your daughters, my nieces. God bless!! Aunt Laurie

Shirlene said...

Wow! I really needed this today. It is so hard to stay loving and patient some times. Those days after no sleep are the hardest for me. I pray often for His love to take over then as I don't seem to have any more to give.