Last year - 2009- I found this website and this post
I chose one word - trying to capture my hopes/ dreams/ resolutions for the year was not easy. 
My word for 2009 was “Enjoy” My hope was to enjoy my family, my life, to discover and pursue things I enjoyed. I put the word up in my house where I could see it every day - it was a reminder to me that life is what it , and I can choose to enjoy it and embrace it or I can choose not to.

I didn’t chose one this year - it chose me.
My word for 2010 is “heart”

To me this word means passion, authenticity, love...
I want to do life with “heart” -
I want to do things with the right heart -

It’s possible to live your whole life doing the right thing for the wrong reasons.
I can take care of my children, my husband, my friends, my ministry.... I can be self sacrificing, I can do everything well and still not have the right heart. 

“Do the right thing with the right heart”
It’s not a resolution for me - I hope it’s the beginning of a life changing journey. 


Donna said...

Sharing your "heart" gives us the opportunity to think about things that might not have occurred to us & grow in ways that can make us better servants...I love you & I'm so proud of you !! :-D

Anonymous said...

cool idea! can my word for 2010 be "sanity" ?!