Free to be three....

The passy's are finally gone -
She's 3 .... I know....
But we love our sleep.

It went better than I expected.
First we went to Target and found a very "fancy" puppy (as seen on the table in this photo)
Then we came home and gathered every passy (even the ones under the bed)
Then we put them in an envelope and decorated it with stickers
Took it out to the mailbox and sent it to her baby cousin (not really Daddy actually put it in the trash can later)
Then at bedtime she cried herself to sleep...
Next morning everything was fine and she never asked for them again.
In fact she is very proud of the fact that she "shared her passys" , but she did inform us that since she was a big girl now she doesn't want a booster seat, and she doesn't want a little bed. She wants a "Huge" bed like her sister.


Donna said...

PHEW!!!! It was so good to see B's smile when we praised her for her accomplishment!! Job well done!! :-D

Megan said...

So glad to pop in and say hi!

We, too, have a house of girls (Caris & Sadie). So glad to find your blog!

Happy New Year!