"I want to marry Daddy, when I grow up"

Our conversation during lunch went like this:

B-Mommy are you going to have another wedding soon?
M- no
A- I am going to have a wedding when I get bigger
B- Me too.. who will I get married to?
M- You should marry somebody who loves Jesus, is kind and good, and has a job
B- Daddy works a job, He loves Jesus, he is kind and good. I will marry Daddy.
A- You can’t marry Daddy, Mommy already married him - right?
M- that’s right, I did
B- (voiced raised) But I want to marry him
A- No I want to marry him.
B (a little sad)- then who can I marry- I don’t want to marry Uncle David (loudon).
A- Uncle David is already married
M-No hunny, uncle David is not married - he has a girlfriend 
B-his girlfriend named Aunt Sarah?
M- No that is his sister, his girlfriend is Lacy
A- I think I will marry Alan... maybe I won’t marry alan, who can I marry Mom. Can you help me?
M- Yes, I will help you and so will Daddy and God will show you who to marry when you are ready.
B- But I want to marry Daddy...

Good grief ................


Donna said...

SO SO cute, love the story, LOVE the picture!!!!

Anonymous said...

adorable! grace says the same thing, i love little girls who love their dads, what a great example for them!


Vasu said...
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