Snowstorms hit the south

The sky opened up and dumped snow yesterday... It continued through the night switching on and off with freezing rain.
This morning our world is encased in ice. Other then a large tree branch in the middle of our front yard we have no damage and are so thankful for electricity and heat. Also thankful Tim got sent home from work, the roads are really bad.

But there is so much beauty in it too -
Transformation of a dull gray winter into a frosty wonderland
a child's delight

So we played
and it was cold
Way too cold for Mommy (i'm such a wimp)
I was out long enough to take some pictures
Then I went in the house and let Daddy take over
Seriously my blood is like water -

B gave up first. "I'm cold" she said "I'm really ready for hot chocolate" . A had to be dragged in by a cold daddy. 
It's snowing again.. Time for a long winters nap.
Stay warm

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Donna said...

"Jackets and sweaters, Stockings and boots
Snug hats and mittens, Warm woolen suits
All bundled up and ready to go
Out of the house to play in the snow
Although I feel clumsy in all of these clothes
I am so happy whenever it snows!"

We heard on the news that Nashville got 6" of snow & I was hoping for pictures...thanks :).
We have some snow here, but mostly cold...single digit cold...brrrrrrrrrrrr