From the time the girls were old enough to stand on a chair they have wanted to be a part of whatever I was making. Helping with dinner holds little interest at this point but as soon as I pull out the big white kitchen aid they appear - dragging thier chairs behind them.
Honestly - sometimes I have to humble myself. Taking turns and slowly remeasuring spilled ingredients isn’t always easy for this mommy.  Sometimes though , I am reminded through their faces pearing into that spinning mixer, just how magical and exciting it is. To pour a bunch of things into a big spinning bowl and watch it turn into a delious treat.  Then of course there is the privilage of the beater. 
For me - This simple thing is the homey-est thing in the world. For them it’s sweet memories in the making.   
Happy Weekend, hope it’s a sweet one!

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Donna said...

Yummmmmm!!! The bottom pic made me laugh...at first I thought they were each in a time out corner ...that wouldn't have been so sweet :D.