We found it

We found spring.
She tried to hide (tricky girl) but she couldn't hide from us - we finally found her.
Yea! It's so fun to watch them discover the new blooms and the peaking flowers.
Hearing them yell "Mommy, I found one over here - hurry"
Like if we don't hurry they might go back into hiding.
Time to throw open the windows, break out the windex, pump up the bike tires,
clean out the closets, and sort through the drawers. What is it about the coming of spring that makes me want to clean everything in sight.
What is it about spring that makes us want sing for joy at the top of our lungs

I just love spring.


Donna said...

I am so thrilled that you are able to be home with A & B everyday to create & discover & learn & make memories. The hardest & greatest job in the world!!

I do see an extra crispness & vividness in your latest pictures...yay for new playthings :-)!!

Sunshine said...

yes the sun gives us so much energy! cheers us up and urges us to come out and get dirty!! love it! love it!

Anonymous said...

me too!!!!! love the pics!