A's prayer

Something we want to teach our children is how to pray
We began when they were very young by encouraging them at bedtime to Thank God for one thing He did for them during the day. We have heard all kinds of things they are thankful for - from "Thank you for keeping Daddy safe" to "Thank you that we got to watch 2 movies today." Since A began her own relationship with God I've noticed her prayers have become longer and more detailed, and quite funny at times. Last night was my favorite so far.


"Dear heavenly father, Thank you for this day and that we got to have a daddy date and gramma and grampa got to come. Please help Brenna she is having a really hard time right now, she is being very wild. Please help mommy to be happy tomorrow and feel better. Please help Grampa he is having a really hard time He needs to learn to eat broccoli and not donuts. Thank you that I am your princess. In Jesus name Amen."

Oh how I love it!

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Donna said...

So, so precious...good choice of pictures...xoxoxoxox