She is so "stylish", at least that is what she says when she plays dress up. "Look at me don't I look stylish". Dress up clothes are just part of our normal day. Lately the thing is "fashion shows" - with commentary and multiple outfit changes. The more accessories the better. So different from their mommy who hardly ever wears jewelry. Last sunday B wore 6 necklaces to church and an arm full of bracelets. She's always got her own style.


House is the other favorite - I love it so much. I can still remember my friends and I playing that for HOURS. Making up elaborate life scenarios and creating pretend houses out of sheets, pillows and anything we were strong enough to move. Sometimes I just can't help myself and I jump in to play the "Mommy" or the "teacher" or the "Queen". I can't seem to remember, however, the clean up involved afterward. I wonder if I was as much of a tool to teach my mom patience as they are for me. 
But I'd never trade the giggles, creativity, memories, and fun for a clean house - ever.


I love that I get to be a Mom!
Happy Mothers day.
I love you Mom.... Thanks for teaching me to "play house."
More pic's of the "model" are here

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