Totally Random

*Lately every time we get into the car to go someplace one of the girls asks can we listen to Dave Ramsey?  
*A. has begun a family goodnight that we have to do every night - it goes like this. Kiss , hug, nose nuzzle, finger nose nuzzle, kiss on the cheek , “zerbert” on the cheek. Then we say goodnight. - it’s awesome.
*As we are driving in the car A. says. 
“Know how to get rid of the smell when a skunk sprays you? You use Potato juice. I learned that on Curious George.”

B. said the other day “I don’t like it when it’s quiet. I like to be loud” (How true)
*A’s answer to the question why shouldn’t we eat too much junk food? 
“Because we would grow out instead of up.”
(Hahaaaa - out of the mouth of babes)
*B while telling me a bible story she learned. 
“Paul was on a ship and there was a terrible storm, He grabbed onto a piece of wood and he was very hungry. Maybe He ate some macaroni and cheese” 
*B - on the future 
“When I am a mommy I am going to have a baby, a dog, and a cat. I will call the baby Bubbles and the dog will be barkey and the cat will be gloria. Barky will be all white and his collar will be pink because he will like pink. Gloria will be yellow spots with a white tail. And I will get married to a boy named Tim” - the girl knows what she wants.  

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