Camp 2010

Were back from camp.
I'm not even sure how to start talking about the way we packed a months worth of activity into a single week.
We are amazingly blessed to have this place as part of our lives. It will always be part of our history. Really, the place where "WE" began. Tim and I had our first date the summer we were working here, now our children run around in the very places our memories first began. (chills..)

A is REALLY swimming now. We decided to do swimming lessons before we went. She did great but it was nothing compared to what she was able to do a few short days after we got to camp. By the end of the week her new tricks included swimming under 2 pairs of legs, retrieving toys from the bottom of the pool and doing handstands on the stairs. She's a fish.. and she loves it.

IMG_2871 IMG_2892
B's favorite things were more on dry land . The girl ran the entire week. Always something to see, to do, to climb, to make, to touch. She was the first one to find an interesting animal or a fun rock. The first one to think of a new game and the first one to fall asleep every night.




Each year I have this moment where I think - How do we do this every year? I don't know how we are going to make it. And each year when the week is done. I'm already making plans for the next year.


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