Catching up

I am 11 weeks now in my pregnancy and so happy to finally be able to say I am feeling better. I am beginning to feel more energy during the day and although I am still sick most evenings I am seeing a difference there too. 
But I tell you these past few weeks have been such a challenge , in more ways than the physical.
The physical has forced me to admit my neediness and own my limitation in a way that has humbled me.
I'm not used to reaching out, asking for help or admitting that I am unable to do something.
I am a "yes" girl at heart - Self sufficient and independent.

God really got my attention these past couple months. 
And showed me the value and beauty of community. At my very weakest emotional, physically, spiritually He surrounded me with the loving care and strong arms of other people who cheerfully helped carry my burden. People who checked up on me and brought me meals, watched my children and even offered to do my Christmas shopping for me. WOW! What a difference that made.  People didn't just bring a meal that I was too sick to make myself , they brought a lifeline. The message that  I wasn't in this thing alone and there were people around me that were willing and able to stand in the gap with me. 
Never underestimate the power of a chicken casserole!
The Christmas season is in full swing here in Loudonland, even though it took a full week to finish the decorating (which is sparse this year) the halls are decked and it's beginning to look like Christmas. 

Big girl B got her turn to put the star on the tree this year. She was a little nervous and was yelling "It's slipping.. It's slipping", but it turned out alright.

Putting up the tree and getting out our special boxes of ornaments is one of my favorite things about the holiday. Tim and the girls love it too..
Ornaments are a really special tradition in our family. If you looked hard enough at our tree you could just about tell my whole life story

B was a Shepherd in our bible studies Christmas program this year - yes it looks like they are sword fighting. Actually they were just waving them around in the air.

That's better than sword fighting  :)

Here is A with the other children giving their "hearts" to Jesus... So sweet.

When we got home from the program Daddy made his special "chex mix" recipe with his two little sidekicks right by his side.




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Donna said...

I have looked at these pics over & over & the story is always the same...traditions, memories & fun for all! Thanks for the wonderful glimpse! xoxoxoxo