Christmas 2010

Today finds us bumming around the house - doing a little of this and a little of that. Resting mostly. Boxes are still hanging around the living room, toys are scattered around the floor, A is scootering up and down the hall on her new scooter,  snow is falling in big fluffy flakes. It almost time to pull out some yummy leftovers from yesterday and eat lunch.  It's been a good season, and we have enjoyed every day of this month. It's been a different season - a lot more simple and less hurried, less decorated, less busy (less organized too).  That was okay with me, not that I had a choice. I am feeling so much better every day, although I haven't quite gotten my strength and energy back.  Today my brain is saying lets clean up and move on.. there is a new year coming, but my body is saying let's take a nap under that fuzzy blanket.
Body will win.

It was so neat this year to watch the girls grow in their understanding of what Christmas is about.
Jesus, God's own son, laying aside the glory of heaven to become the light this dark world so desperately needed.  Tim asked the girls this morning why Christmas is Special. B's reply was that It was because Jesus, God's son,  was born born so He could die on the cross and so we could not be afraid.

This year we cut back on gifts too, we decided to give 3 gifts (just like the wise men gave Jesus) a "want", a "need" and a "surprise".  We prepared the girls before hand so they wouldn't be shocked at the difference under the tree this year.  It was so good for us in so many ways. The girls were really pleased and content with what they got and everything is actually getting played with.

Well it's time for me to go pull out those leftovers now so I will end this with a whole lot of photo's of Christmas at Loudonland in 2010.
I hope you too had a wonderful Christmas  and felt the love of Christ in a special way this year. I hope you enjoyed the company of family and friends and the contentment of a full belly.
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Donna said...

So many thoughts, so many blessings, so many memories...what a special time of year!!! ♥xo♥xo♥xo♥xo♥xo♥xo♥