A few days before Christmas we had another celebration. B turned the big 4. She has come along way since they brought her to me in a stocking in my hospital room. I can't even begin to imagine our family without her. She is the one who gets up and keeps us laughing. She always has a story to tell, and a song to sing and you you can bet it will be loud. B does not love having her photo taken but we managed to get a couple that show a bit of her personality. That includes the bruise on her chin (My poor accident prone child.) 

Her Birthday was a family affair. A trip to the local hands on museum,  blueberry pancakes with strawberries and whip cream for breakfast, Taco's for dinner, and a special strawberry cake with moose tracks ice cream. She felt so special all day and kept reminding everyone she was the "birthday girl".

 Here is is trying NOT to blow out the birthday candles while we were singing.


Melissa, Protector of Swordland said...

love it! I hate that we are always out of town for that little one's birthday.

Donna said...

Fun, fun pictures!!! I long, with every celebration that comes & goes, to be with you...but, I so enjoy the pictures & the stories & the mental images that they all create. Thanks for keeping them coming!!!! ♥