I want it to count

When I began this piece I had no vision - no idea of what it should look like only a need to put paint to canvas. And so through the nausea of these past months I layered on color, texture, various mediums.. just doing whatever I felt when the urge struck. For months this little square has sat on my art table and I came to visit every once in a while for 10 or 30 min. at a time. Slowly, very slowly it began to turn into more. As my heart became engaged and my feelings became more clear. It became a goal or maybe more of a motto --- a wish - a reminder.  Of what I want my life to say. These words are from James 3 in the message.



Donna said...

I absolutely love it...very cool...very inspiring! It is so personally rewarding to make something from nothing, to use & develop & share our talents! Very cool!!!!!

Melissa, Protector of Swordland said...


Laurie said...

Melissa, this is wonderful. I can not look at a picture of a tree without thinking of the special time we spent together painting the tree on the nursery wall. Love ya!