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Do you see where we are?
and not wearing winter coats and hats.
The weather broke over the weekend and warmed things up a bit.

Oh - how I've missed you vitamin D
There is nothing quite as fun to watch as children who are set free in the sunshine after being cooped up in the house for weeks. One outside game after another was played then discarded for another one. Dirt was happily smeared all over faces and clothes and that night sleep came fast and sweet for all of us. It makes me almost ache for spring to come.
I am nearing my 19th week in this pregnancy (Half way there) The girls have begun to remark over my belly getting big and will occasionally during a moment of snuggling will reach over to give it a pat pat pat.  I am feeling more and more butterfly flutters all the time, it's one of the only things right now that keeps me mindful that indeed something is going on in there. Well, That and the constant potty trips and insomnia.  I am just so thankful to be able to eat again.
We seem to be divided on what we think the baby is going to be and even more divided over what the baby's name should be. Will the baby's name start with a "C" is the big question...
At this point my biggest question is will the baby have a name at all - no name seems to quite fit right yet.
Suggestions anyone?


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