Visual feasting


Look at the amazing surprise that was on our back porch last evening. So amazing, the color of these eggs. Even more so because these are the colors I chose for the nursery - how is that for inspiring. Last night I felt like I had been invited to a visual feast. The Sunshine was golden and amazing. The girls were running around in fresh green with their pretty dresses on. The colors were so vivid everywhere.  It was like cold water on a hot day..... refreshing. 
IMG_8387 I love how she matched the Robin's nest.

Week 29 and a half... and growing.... and falling more in love every day.
Now on to a new week.

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Donna said...

BEAUTIFUL pictures!!!!! How exciting to see those amazing colored eggs on your porch! Have you been watching this nest? The baby/tummy pictures are so sweet (would love to see your pretty face, too). This post is so springy & hopeful & fun! Love you!!♥