A's big day


She started talking about it on Sunday
"Mom, I am ready to get my ears pierced" Can we go tomorrow? 
Every day she asked... "can we go today?"
This from the girl who was never, ever, ever going to get her ears pierced. When she makes up her mind she is determined to see it through. 
(how can I get that to translate into chores....?)
She had so many butterflies in her tummy I thought she was going to back out.
She knew just which ones she wanted too -

Don't be fooled by the above photo. This girl of mine was so brave. She closed her eyes tight and counted 1...2...3..4..5.. and by 30 it was totally finished. Not one tear, not one flinch, not one owww. Just calm and collected counting and then - a huge huge smile.
I don't know who was more impressed. Me or the lady that did it.

"I just LOVE them"
I can't believe I got pierced ears"
"I am so happy"
"Don't forget we have to clean them"
"I think Daddy will LOVE my earrings"
"I can't wait to show EVERYONE"
"You can put the pictured on the computer so everyone can see"
Now her ears sparkle almost as much as her eyes..


Laurie said...

Wow Avery how cool! You look so sparkly. Beautiful choice for a beautiful girl. I am proud of how brave you are to see this through. I love you. Aunt Laurie

gaby,miss pixie,& bobo (like a hair bow[bow-bow]) said...

Aww!!tell her Gabrielle said they are BEAUTIFUL!! (:

Donna said...

OHHHH, my big brave Avery!!! Your new earrings are SO beautiful! What a wonderful surprise to see your pretty, smiling face & your pretty ears. I know that Daddy loved them! I am so excited to come & see you & Brenna & Mommy & Daddy, I can hardly wait! I love you!!!!!

Melissa, Protector of Swordland said...

ok, she might not have cried, but I did!!! She is just getting so big and grown up!!

Anonymous said...

tell her they are beautiful! she is such a big girl!