Out of the waiting room and into the whirlwind....

My morning devo began “In a world of unrelenting changes, I (Jesus) am the one who never changes.” 

I am so thankful for that reminder. So thankful as I look back over this past year and can see the truth of that statement in so many different ways. Both the first part - the world revolving around change and the second - there is one who never changes, we can always count on it. 
I have in many past posts referred to us being in “God’s waiting room”. Knowing that our family was likely to experience some life altering change in the future and how we are waiting on God’s perfect timing to show us what that was.

 In the waiting room we have been sitting.... learning the art of trusting, resting, letting go, and also holding close.   He is a strange one, this God of mine. I can do no more than shake my head in wonder and say “If you say so then... ok... can’t wait to see how you work it all out.” 
And then there comes a day when the doors and the windows that you have been waiting behind all swing open at once and your faced with another choice. Do I go through? What kind of strangeness could be out there? Scary...
So, our little family finds itself released from the waiting room and lifted up in a whirlwind of change. We will be leaving our home of 11 years in Middle TN and moving somewhere near the KY border.  A job is waiting there for my husband - a good job. One that will allow for more family time which considering we will be increasing in size in just a few weeks is a very good thing. 
The whirlwind is the timing. After waiting for such a long time, we now have 1 month until this new job starts. And 1 month before our precious number 3 is born. Yes, on the same day a new life and a new job are due to begin. 
And what can I say but “If you say so then... ok... can’t wait to see how you work all this out.”  Is God’s timing really perfect? From the perspective of my circumstances at this moment that sounds crazy.   Is God’s timing really perfect? From everything I have seen Him do up to this point, I can not say... but shout with certainty “YES - it MUST be true as it has always been true.” 

I didn’t say easy.................... He didn’t promise me that................ 
And so I am and will cling to the one who never changes and I will (as I must) remind myself of that every day of this very truth.
Pray for us, it will not be an easy summer. 

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Laurie said...

Melissa I know I am writing this during a busy, crazy time for you but this is the first time I have had a chance to really read and absorb this. I know it will be a whirlwind of activity and change but know my prayers will be sent on your behalf. I know you will continue to lean on our Father's strength to help you through this. I am so glad your mom is there during parts of this special time, as her help will be invaluable. Remember to take care of yourself as well. God bless. With love!