repurposed bookshelf


Sometimes I get these crazy ideas-
sometimes they work out and other times well...
3 years ago someone gave us a wooden playground set. They delivered it in pieces and when it arrived we had NOOOO idea how to put it back together again. Since that day it has been sitting in the corner of the yard with a tarp over it, but in my mind it was not forgotten. A few weeks ago I told my sweet husband my grand idea of using some of the wood to build a bookcase for our homeschool supplies. (I loved the look of reclaimed wood and repurposing happens to be a passion of mine.) To my surprise he actually agreed. We based the design on a restoration hardware bookshelf (priced over $2,000)


If you are a carpenter or had woodworking experience you may be rolling around on the floor right now laughing or perhaps covering your eyes in horror, you may have your head in your hands in dismay. I know it's got umm.. character. I can help but be proud of it though. We will call it perfectly imperfect, or perhaps rustic - industrial. 

The plan is to replace the wooden slats with a metal bar (hello little outlet - yes we see you back there)
I love looking at the wood, I think it is much more happy now that it is spiffed up for it's new adventure.


knack said...

So fantastic!! Love it!


Donna said...

(this is my 3rd try to leave a comment, grrrrrr)
I love your bookcase! But, you're not making the girls do Business Leadership & Accounting on their first week of school, are you?
Seriously, I love the weathered board, very cool. It's those slightly imperfect labors of love (or necessity) that have always made our house a home. :-)
Dad says he sees no imperfections...he absolutely loves it!

ekg said...

the little outlet also says "hellooo!" (:

i also love repurposing! this is awesome!