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Okay - just so you know this post is going to be a LOT of pictures of my cute children. 
Getting outside for them means f.r.e.e.d.o.m..... getting outside for me means "where's my camera", not all the time but most of the time. They are so used to Mom sticking that thing in their faces. If they don't want their photo taken they just turn around - that's alright I'll just take a picture of their back. :)
It's been so nice here the past few days we took off to our favorite park for some hiking (which actually means acorn and rock collecting)

I was loving A's looks today - So rock star / punk.
For my girls - the more pattern and color and sparkles on the clothes the better they work together.
Such a difference from their Mom who's closet is a study in the colors Navy, gray, and black. They got super excited about the sparkly headband I wore today - it was their topic of conversation for about 5 minutes. It won't be long before I start asking their advice on fashion.


I am finding 6 to be a very challenging age in some ways. Tim told me to get used to it because she will be like this for about 5 years. I think I will dub this time the "Goofy" phase.
The time in a child's life where everything has to be either silly and hilariously funny....
or the end of the world.
-There is no in between-

It's okay most of the time. I am just learning I need to be very specific with my requests. For example instead of "please read this sentence" it would have to be......."In your normal voice please read......" 
"I want you to do these number facts - without making that noise"

Parenting never ceases to surprise me - just when you get used to your kids being a certain way , they change on you.
Her sister of course find's it ALL hilarious.
It is nice to think that our new little one will never lack for entertainment

Tomorrow I will be 23 weeks along. "Punkin" as we have nicknamed little sister is another mover and shaker. So far she seems to be growing steady and healthy, I am so thankful for every movement. I am growing too - straight out. It's so funny - my tummy almost looks pointy.  The girls continue to be fascinated by it and by how punkin is progressing.  B found out the baby could begin to hear voices now and she has taken to yelling at my tummy "Hellloooo.. can you hear me... How are you doing in there..."
This past week she was the size of a spaghetti squash, this week she will be the size of a large mango. 
I have no idea how large a large mango is, but some days she seriously feels more like a bowling ball. 
We have a couple of name possibilities, but it's going to be hard to decide.
I am not finding the 2nd trimester to be "a return of energy" - in fact I feel very low energy. Which makes me very unmotivated to do anything. Housework and projects have been just the bare minimum.
It's a bit discouraging when I look at my "To Do" list, so I've been trying not to look at it.


So silly
IMG_7462  IMG_7463 
She comes by it honestly!

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